Luvely was originally created for a club night ran by George Paterson, in Edinburgh.  As a touching tribute to George, Gemma has chosen to name her first salon after George’s club night, hence our unique spelling.

Focusing on delivering beautiful hair and exemplary service, Luvely Hair was created by Gemma Hill, in collaboration with Paterson SA.

With the same ethos in mind but with a unique twist, Luvely is an opportunity for Gemma to
spread her wings while still remaining part of the Paterson SA family.

Turning dreams into reality and a fresh vision from Gemma,  along with complete support and useful knowledge from an experienced foundation, this is only the beginning!



We are proud to be a Green Salon Collective salon.
What this means is that almost every single piece of “rubbish” is recycled and turned into something new.
We recycle and recover hair, used foils, empty colour tubes, chemicals, PPE, plastic & paper.
The biggest winner here is that we reward the planet. We are diverting easily recyclable materials that are currently being sent to landfill.
These are materials such as aluminium foil which is a commodity that can be recycled an infinite amount of times.
We’ll also recycle your hair to ensure that it will be used to either help adsorb oil from our waterways, be added into gardeners composting mixes, or if it’s long enough, be donated to wig making charities.

We have also teamed up with Wella to become an official stockist of their new WeDo range.
Every WeDo product bought pays for 8 pieces of plastic to be removed from the ocean.
The range is 100% recyclable as well as being certified Cruelty Free & Vegan.